Combination of experience and knowledge..

Guidance for foreign investors for Turkish Market.
Local distribution and supply network, participating in tenders and quotations both private and state enterprises.

Helping businesses and individuals create strategies for dealing with tax and prepare for their future in the financial market

Advising and consulting with clients in order to provide advice about tax legislation, eg ensuring businesses and assets are properly structured to minimize the incidence of taxation

Advising on employee incentivisation schemes, eg share options, share ownership trusts, tax-efficient employee benefits and the creation of employee benefit trusts

Advising on aspects of property transactions, including acquisitions of foreign property, and the use of tax-efficient structures in property deals, including the effective use of partnerships and co-ownership structures

Calculating tax liability, ensuring compliance is completed speedily and efficiently, and submitting tax returns and associated documents by the appropriate deadlines.

Business advisory/financial services

Provide operational management of an accounts department, including debtors and creditors ledger, accounts payable and receivable, wages and salaries

Prepare VAT returns, bank reconciliations and monthly and annual accounts




MUST is must for Turkish Market !!!

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